Burning permits are required for open burning on the western Kenai Peninsula from April 1 to August 31 for all burning, except small cooking or warming fires. New changes include needing a burn permit for burn barrels and are included under burn suspensions and closures.   You must call the Burn Permit Advisory  line at 907 260-4269 before burning and call  your local emergency dispatch center to prevent firefighters being dispatched to your controlled burn. In the Kachemak Emergency Service Area (KESA) call the KESA Fire Department at 235-9811.

The Alaska Division of Forestry issues burn permits for the western peninsula.
Permits for small, hand-fed piles are available online:
http://forestry.alaska.gov/burn or call 260-4262 or 235-7734. 


Large burns require pre-inspection; call 260-4262 or 235-7734 for an appointment.

These standard terms apply to all burns:

  • Maximum size of 10’x10’ and 4’ high.
  • Minimum 15’ firebreak of dirt, sand, or gravel on all sides.
  • Attendance of the fire with water and tools prepared until the fire is out.
  • No burning if winds exceed 5 mph.
  • Call in to the call-in number (907260-4269) listed on the permit each day prior to lighting the fire to check on the status of burning suspensions.
  • You must have the permit with you while burning.

Remember: If you burned in the spring using snow as a firebreak, recheck the piles to ensure that they are out. Open the pile to the air and clear vegetation, especially dry grass, away from the pile.

When burning debris outside of fire season, state laws and regulations pertaining to burning practices remain in effect, including clearing the ground around burns and remaining in attendance of fires until they are completely extinguished.